“Let your body tell you you’re powerful and deserving and you become more present, enthusiastic and authentically yourself”

by Amy Cu – ddyTED Talks

1. I usually wake up at… 8 am, very hard for me to sleep in.

​2. I would never leave my home without… my apartment key fob or its almost impossible to get back into my building. 

15 Questions with Chanelle Lee Miss Megaverse Canada 2018

3. My beauty essentials include… my Arbonne deep sea salt body scrub, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer , BLACK natural charcoal teeth whitening, Anastasia contour kit (tan to deep) and my boscia thermal black cleanser.

4. ​My biggest fashion pet peeve is… the thick penciled in eyebrow! 

5. My favorite travel snack is... an apple, best way to keep the doctor away. 

6.  The last thing I Googled was… “how to write the perfect interview submission” .. How am I doing?

7. If my days had one extra hour… I would spend it volunteering at either an after school sports program, the animal shelter or the soup kitchen. 

8. On a typical Saturday night I… am out with my girlfriends dancing away all my stress. 

15 questions with chanelle lee miss megaverse canada 2018 - 15 Questions with Chanelle Lee Miss Megaverse Canada 20189. The article of clothing I’m currently wearing most is… my jumbo comfy scarf because unfortunately I live in Toronto in my least favorite season, WINTER!

10. My biggest fashion regret is… the bandanna era, yes I was 10, but I wore one everyday! I can promise you I have no shareable pictures from that year. 

11. When I’m stressed I… do everything in my power to get to the gym and have the best workout I possibly can.

12. What I love most about my country is… the People!!! Such incredibly friendly people, that make me proud to call Canada my home.

13. The best advice I ever got was… that we only live one life! Yesterday has come and gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed, so live every moment to the fullest.

14. If I could meet anyone living or dead it would be… Will Smith. One of the most incredible all round actors of my time, and as an actress I want to know all his secrets of the trade. 

15. My favorite place to shop is… Runway Luxe, located on Queen street in Toronto, LA and online @runway_luxe 


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