We ask model and Ms. Megaverse Texas USA 2018, Porscha our quickfire questions leading to the 2018 TV show & competition in Punta Cana Dominican Republic.

Porscha Davis – Ms. Megaverse Texas USA 2018

  1. I usually wake up at… 8am
  2. I would never leave my home without… my phone
  3. My beauty essentials include… everything
  4. My biggest fashion pet peeve is… not matched for faded black pants
  5. My favorite travel snack is… Chips
  6. The last thing I Googled was… Be Strong
  7. If my days had one extra hour… I would lay in the tub
  8. On a typical Saturday night, I… Am at home watching TV or finishing my school work.
  9. The article of clothing I’m currently wearing most… Sports bras
  10. My biggest fashion regret is… these plaid stretchy bell bottoms I wore in middle school.
  11. When I’m stressed I… after being all over the place, I like to sit outside listen to music and gather my thoughts.
  12. What I love most about my country is… I love how when my country is in turmoil we can pull together as one and pull through.
  13. The best advice I ever got… You can’t start the race without the shoes
  14. If I could meet anyone living or dead it would be… Martin Luther King Jr.
  15. My favorite place to shop is… A´GACI

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