Often associated with rustic Italian properties and tempting gardens, lemon décor can easily refresh your humble space. If you’re wondering how to brighten your home and incorporate fresh fruits into your interior design, try using lemons as a decorative touch. We’ve rounded up a few stylish ways to invigorate your home with the citrus fruit this autumn. 

59e57 ANTIQUE DECOR - Brighten Your Space With Lemon Décor Now

Photo: thestrippedreddoor on Instagram 

Create a wreath with green leaves and lemons: If your mantelpiece is currently a dull sight, try decorating with branches of faux green leaves and bright yellow lemons. Meanwhile, black and white photo frames and a series of clear mason jars help to complete your space in style.

59e57 LEMON DECOR 2 - Brighten Your Space With Lemon Décor Now

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Fill trays with lemons: Whether you’re hosting company or simply dreaming of a picturesque home, arranging lemons on a tea tray is a beautiful fix. A grey tier tray receives an update with lemons placed around white ceramic mugs, with white lilies, decorative drinking straws and wooden plaques.

59e57 LEMON DECOR 3 - Brighten Your Space With Lemon Décor Now

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Decorate your dinner table: For anyone wondering how to bring colour to their family dinner table, a handful of lemons can offer a solution. Fill a dark wooden tray with fresh lemons, set up woven placemats and arrange white ceramic plates on the placemats. The lemons allow the white dishes to stand out, and truly catch the light.