Although pastels are commonly associated with bright summertime hues, they can just as easily transition into the early days of autumn. As we prepare to greet Fall 2017 in style, there’s nothing like an eye-catching pastel shade to leave you dreaming of a brand new season. If you’re wondering how to transform your pastel-toned sartorial statement for the cooler weeks ahead, try looking to our favourite celebrities. Similarly to Victoria Beckham and Elle Fanning, you can also rock light, airy tones well into the upcoming season.

e0ee9 VICTORIA BECKHAM 1 - Bring Pastels Into Fall Just Like Victoria Beckham & Elle Fanning

Victoria Beckham

The 43-year-old fashion designer looks effortlessly gorgeous in this short-sleeved white blouse, which she has styled with a pair of loose pastel blue bottoms. The powder blue colour of the trousers enhances the stark white of her blouse, and also flatters her olive complexion. With the addition of dark sunglasses, a gold watch and a burgundy leather chain handbag, Beckham’s ensemble steals the spotlight.

e0ee9 ELLE FANNING - Bring Pastels Into Fall Just Like Victoria Beckham & Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning

For those who want to rock feminine pastel prints into the beginning of September, turn to Elle Fanning for your inspiration. The 19-year-old actress looks youthful and chic in this pale yellow jumpsuit, which features long sleeves and a high collar. Meanwhile, the whimsical print on her one-piece suit, along with her funky heels, helps to add an edge to a pastel colour palette.

Photos: Instar Images 

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