Canadian Thanksgiving is almost upon us, which means it is time to embrace the fall harvest and prepare for a weekend of family gathering. For many, Thanksgiving is a meaningful holiday that fills the heart with gratitude and appreciation, while also filling the tummy with roast turkey, candied yams and pecan pie. As family members from near and far come together to celebrate, Thanksgiving weekend in Toronto is bustling with things to do. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy the holiday while spending quality time with your loved ones, look no further than Real Style’s guide to spending Thanksgiving weekend in Toronto. Contrary to popular opinion, Thanksgiving functions don’t need to involve sweatpants and worn sweatshirts, particularly if you’re a trendsetter type. We’ve compiled a few local seasonal events, which also offer the opportunity to enjoy brunch fare and take in stylish settings. 

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Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market

There is no better way to prepare for Thanksgiving’s home cooked feast than by visiting Toronto’s most popular farmer’s market. A meal made from fresh and locally sourced produce simply tastes better and seems like a fitting way to mark the holiday. It is also a great way to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving, as the outdoor pavilions are centrally located by the Don River Valley Park, and offer remarkable views and a wide variety of seasonal harvest. While you pick up ingredients for the big meal, your family can tag along and catch a glimpse of the city’s nature, while enjoying wine tastings and visiting artisanal vendors.

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Mariposa Thanksgiving Brunch Cruise

Since we celebrate Thanksgiving during the peak of autumn, the weekend wouldn’t be complete without experiencing Toronto’s Harbourfront in the splendour of the colourful season. Instead of facing the pressure of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at home, enjoy a freshly prepared buffet aboard a two hour cruise that offers music, entertainment and holiday ambience. Cruising along the city skyline is the perfect way to appreciate your family’s company, while also admiring the red and yellow hues reflecting onto Toronto’s beautiful harbour. This cruise is suitable for the whole family, shifting the festivities to embrace the beauty of the outdoors and presenting breathtaking sights that will leave your out-of-town guests astonished, and certainly thankful.

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Casa Loma Thanksgiving Feast

Enjoying a Thanksgiving meal within the luxurious confines of Toronto’s majestic castle might be a reason to break away from tradition this year. Although Thanksgiving typically comes with a promise of home made delicacies, Casa Loma is hosting a holiday feast, where your family can celebrate Thanksgiving like royalty. Serving exquisite dishes in stately elegance, the menu is slated to include a variety of seafoods, steaks, and of course, oven-roasted, stuffed turkey with cranberry sauce. There is no doubt that the regal setting exceeds the extravagance of your dining room, and will allow you to spend time with loved ones, rather than slaving away in the kitchen. After indulging in the hearty meal, you can share the season’s radiance with your family, while strolling through the estate’s gardens.

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