The Miss & Mrs PowerWoman contest and Docu-Reality TV Show, July 11-18, 2017 will take place at the 5 star Catalonia Bavaro Beach Golf & Casino Resort in Punta Cana; therefore, contestants from all over the world will compete for the titles of Miss, Ms and Miss Petite Power Woman 2017.

Meet the contestants: (from left to right)

Miss Power Woman Armenia 2017: Maryam Barghoyan. Maryam is an export and import manager, while she holds an university degree in finance, economics and journalism, her hobbies are reading, dancing and writing.

Miss Power Woman Iran 2017: Melika Razavi. Melika is a professional magician, professional poker player and personal trainer, while she holds a major in sports science, her hobbies are reading, writing, dancing and hiking.

Miss Power Woman Russia 2017: Daria Pisareva. Daria is an international actress; furthermore, she holds a major in acting for film, her hobbies are dancing, sporting, music and reading.

Miss Power Woman California 2017: De’Kaleigha Wells. De’Kaleigha is a manager, she holds a masters in business administration; in addition, her hobbies are traveling, horseback riding and singing.

Which of these powerful ladies has your support to the win the title of Miss Power Woman 2017?

Stay posted to meet all other Miss & Mrs Power Woman 2017 contestants specially the upcoming results of the contest.