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For the stylish soul who simply can’t collect enough fashion books, Summer 2017 offers the perfect opportunity to continue expanding your collection. Whether you’re looking to revamp your own wardrobe or simply get some inspiration from fashion’s biggest icons, look no further than Real Style’s guide to summer reading in style.

08762 CLASSIC STYLE - Coolest New Fashionista Books For Summer 2017

Classic Style: Hand It Down, Dress It Up, Wear It Out by Kate Schelter and Andy Spade, Grand Central Life Style: If you’re one of those clothes horses who simply own far too many outfits, this volume aims to help you resolve your sartorial woes. Written by artist and creative director Kate Schelter and Kate Spade New York co-founder Andy Spade, Classic Style curates a number of wardrobe essentials. From accessories to travel-friendly items, the book promotes the idea of minimalism and personal style.ce833 BADDIE WINKLE - Coolest New Fashionista Books For Summer 2017

Baddiewinkle’s Guide to Life by Baddie Winkle, Harper Design: Although Baddie Winkle may be 88 years old, the fabulously dressed great-grandmother has also become officially known as an Instagram style icon. Baddie (whose real name is Helen) boasts over 3 million Instagram followers and is known for her funky, colourful, feminine fashions. In her new book (out on July 4), Baddie discusses her signature style, life tips and far more.ce833 MARIO TESTINO - Coolest New Fashionista Books For Summer 2017

Mario Testino Undressed by Mario Testino, Matthias Harder, Manfred Spitzer and Carine Roitfeld, TASCHEN: As a legendary fashion photographer, Mario Testino has shot countless models, including famous names like Kate Moss and Amber Valletta. In this book (which is out on July 21), Testino collaborates with a series of stylish collaborators to produce a book with 50 artistic nude photographs. Meanwhile, the book itself explores topics such as gender and fashion.

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