Kim Kardashian suggests taking away Instagram likes could be beneficial - Kim Kardashian suggests taking away Instagram 'likes' could be beneficial for mental health

Kim Kardashian believes that taking away Instagram “likes” could be beneficial for individuals’s mental health.

Currently, when somebody posts one thing on the photo-sharing website, others can “like” it by clicking on a coronary heart beneath it. As an instance, Kim’s latest put up on Instagram, about her having fun with spending time in New York, had garnered over 1,112,000 likes since she shared it on Wednesday (November 6, 2019).

But whereas she by no means has any downside attracting likes for her posts, Kim thinks it might truly be higher if this side of Instagram was eliminated for followers – which means solely the one who posted the picture could see the engagement figures.

Explaining her thought course of on the New York Times’ DealBrook Conference on the Time Warner Center in New York on Wednesday, Kim mentioned: “As far as mental health… I think taking the likes away and taking that aspect away from (Instagram) would be really beneficial for people,” she mentioned. “I know the Instagram team has been having a bunch of conversations with people to get everyone’s take on that and they’re taking it really seriously, and that makes me happy.”

Mother-of-four Kim additionally mirrored on her personal social media use, admitting she skilled the downsides of updating fans on her each motion again in 2016, when she was robbed in her lodge room in Paris, France.

“It is tricky and when I raise my kids, I think about screen time, phone time, what to post, what not to post,” she mused. “Even posting things in real-time, I learned from a bad experience I had when I was robbed that people knew my every move, what I had, where I was, what I was doing, and that, to me, really changed the things that I post. I still want people to feel like they’re on that journey with me, but I might video something and then post it when I’ve left the location for privacy.”