Karli McGunigle, 23 years, married and mum of 2 will stop at nothing! Since being crowned as Mrs MegaVerse Australia, she is determined to do what it takes to make it to worlds this December 14th-21st in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana. Therefore, Mrs McGunigle has come up with a brilliant idea to do ongoing photoshoots and with that, creating art pieces out of them! Karli says “I cannot wait for this photoshoot taking place this Wednesday, 1st November and to see the outcome of these art pieces’. From there, Mrs McGunigle has said these images will be turned into art pieces which will then be either auctioned or sold to people that wish to buy them.

This photo shoot will include bridal gowns exclusively from Leanne Armitage from House of Serendipity Gowns, flower crowns and arrangements from Lynda from Flowers By Lynda and images captured by Ricki Vale Photography. The talent from these women is Phenomenal, Karli says.  ‘These images are to be created not only for myself and help me on my journey’, Karli says, but to show the world how many other amazing creatives are out there.

Mrs McGunigle has always loved building networks with other people and businesses as you just don’t know what amazing opportunities lye ahead.

With Wednesday not far away, keep an eye out for updates on what could be up for grabs. Whether you would like an art piece for your studio or even home, now’s the time to show your support to local businesses and talent from right here on the Gold Coast Australia.

‘The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel once you’ve achieved it’

Cupcake Ipsum, 2015

To check out some of the amazing talent here on the Gold Coast, be sure to follow each of these amazing small businesses via facebook and Instagram for the latest trends, updates and more!

Karli looks up to the businesses and talents around her which encourages her to keep going every day through every challenge she may face. As Karli’s motto in life is, ‘The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel once you’ve achieved it’.

Each day, Karli admits will always be different and yes, sometimes tough, but its choosing to either get back up again or give up. Karli says, ‘I know what I want, and that’s the best life for me and my family, so will stop at nothing!’

Mrs McGunigle thanks Flowers By Lynda, House of Serendipity Gowns & Ricki Vale Photography for helping put together this photoshoot taking place this Wednesday, 1st November and look forward to sharing the images with everyone.

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Flowers By Lynda

Some of Lynda’s previous work done beautifully!
Instagram: flowers_by_lynda

Facebook: @flowersbylyndagoldcoast

missmegaverse.com14976161 1121325977988455 4b98a3da673a9e40b12c00be79b40b54d53d021d - "Mrs MegaVerse Australia Continues To Impress"

House Of Serendipity Gowns

These dresses of Lee’s are to die for! This lady has some talent and a beautiful heart.
Instagam: @serendipitygowns

FB: House of Serendipity Gowns

missmegaverse.com22728878 1652940174779950 d60156114aed269b86e1be9d55b4b7bdf0b1556e - "Mrs MegaVerse Australia Continues To Impress"

Ricki Vale Photography

​Some of Ricki’s previous work with stunning lighting! Karli is so excited to see what’s up Ricki’s sleeve this Wednesday.

Instagram: ricki_vale_photography

FB: @rickivalephotography