5b37f RAINBOW MAKEUP 1 - Rainbow Makeup Looks Just In Time For Pride

Photo: lwartistry on Instagram 

With June marking Pride Month, it’s officially time to step out with your brilliant multicoloured makeup. Whether you’re a fan of rainbow eyeshadow or vivid liner, there’s nothing quite like an inspired beauty look to capture the party spirit in the air. As makeup lovers prepare to ring Pride in style, there are sure to be numerous celebrations on the calendar. We’ve compiled a few Instagram makeup looks which are perfectly suitable for the occasion.

Experiment with a rainbow smokey eye: If you want to softly blend your bevy of eyeshadows to create an artistic look, look no further than this brightly coloured smokey eye. We are liking the smudged red eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eyes, along with the slightly winged violet and blue shades. Try lining your lower lash line with red, yellow and green eyeshadow, and add a coat of mascara for a finishing touch.20f2c RAINBOW MAKEUP 2 - Rainbow Makeup Looks Just In Time For Pride

Photo: glitteryfemme on Instagram 

Go glam with sequins: For a more glamorous take on the rainbow makeup trend, try outlining your gorgeous peepers with a series of shimmering sequins. The combination of rainbow hues can light up every eye colour, from chocolate brown to light green. Be sure to highlight your eyes with a fierce cat eye in a punchy colour, in order to enhance the effect of the embellishment.

20f2c RAINBOW MAKEUP 3 - Rainbow Makeup Looks Just In Time For Pride

 Photo: makeupstylist_pita on Instagram 

Turn to tiny dots: Try a gentle take on the colourful eye with an explosion of eyeliner dots in orange, yellow, green, violet and blue. Black liquid eyeliner, luscious dark lashes and flawlessly highlighted skin can truly elevate your Pride makeup, for a picture perfect statement.

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