bccf8 Taylor Swift Red Tour 5 20 - Taylor Swift Wins $1 In Groping Assault Court Case

In only took six days in court for Taylor Swift to win a nasty court case again former radio host David Mueller for grabbing her butt during a meet-and-greet photo session at the Pepsi Center in June 2013, and for the judge to toss out the lawsuit against her.  

Swift proved early on that she wasn’t out for the money as she just sued for one dollar (the lowest total she could take someone to court for), and that she was really just looking for accountability from the man who assaulted her. The jury rewarded her the dollar, and found Mueller guilty of assault and battery. Last Friday the judge tossed out the lawsuit against Swift, stating there was insufficient evidence that Swift got him fired. 

When the jury read the verdict, Swift hugged her lawyers and her mother and mouthed “thank you” to the jury. The case itself was emotional at times, including when Swift took to the stand to tell what had happened to her. She also was attacked by the defendant’s lawyers during the closing statements. At that time the attorneys showed the photo that was snapped when the incident occurred and asked “Is that the face of someone who’s had someone grab their butt? Who is shocked? There’s nothing in Taylor Swift’s face to suggest anything is wrong.” 

Swift’s lawyers stated during the opening statement that the pop singer was “taking a stand for all women” and that “this is a case of sexual assault in the workplace.” They also said that “A woman is assaulted. She reports it and she gets sued … it doesn’t make sense. She’s trying to tell people out there that you can say no when someone grabs you no matter who they are.”

While this trial has been completed, Mueller’s case against Swift’s mother is still ongoing, as is Swift’s case against him for sexual assault. 

Photo:  Jana Zills on Wikipedia

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