d2265 transformers - Transformers: The Last Knight Looks Good On Bluray

2017 has seen several big budget films fall into the category of “not very good”, and thus become a failure at the box office. Transformers: The Last Knight is one of those, and it is the first in the franchise to be labelled both a critical and commercial bomb. However with the digital and bluray release of the film this week, some of that loss may yet still be recuperated.

The problem with The Last Knight is that it has an extremely silly, convoluted plot that really doesn’t make any sense. You’ll spend most of the movie wondering why there are Transformers all throughout human history, including the Middle Ages and World War 2. And to make matters worse, the Transfomer everyone cares about, Optimus Prime, spends most of the film working against the heroes. But regardless of how silly it all seems, we are talking about a film featuring giant robots that transform into other things, so perhaps it doesn’t have to make sense to be fun. And if Transformers: The Last Knight is anything, it’s ridiculous, action packed, fun. 

The bluray of the film is an amazing transfer. It’s gorgeous on the eyes, and the soundtrack is easy to hear. Paramount did a great job making the film look and sound great for home audiences. Like usual, they also do a great job putting together a series of documentaries about the film itself as well. You’ll get to see how the film creators managed to come up with the idea of placing the Transformers throughout history, see how the military characters (played by both actors and real Navy SEALs) were created, and find out how they shot certain scenes in England. You’ll also get to take a closer look at some of the Transformers that appear in the film, and the robots home world of Cybertron. 

While Transformers: The Last Knight might not be for everyone, there is still an audience for it, and with a couple of spin-offs and surely another sequel on the way, they aren’t going away any time soon. And if you own the rest of the franchise, you’ll want to make sure to add this one too to complete the set.

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