a3376 VANESSA HUDGENS 1 - Vanessa Hudgens & Kendall Jenner Are Rocking Front Bangs

Photo: vanessahudgens on Instagram 

If you’ve been debating trying out front bangs, you may want to draw your hair inspiration from brunette beauties Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner. Both of these Hollywood stunners have recently incorporated piecey fringe into their hairstyles, which easily update their short bobs.

Earlier this month, Hudgens shared a snapshot of herself with eyelash-grazing, middle-parted bangs that completed her cropped wavy locks. The 28-year-old actress looks gorgeous with the breezy dark bangs, which emphasize her long-lashed dark eyes and feminine features.

a3376 KENDALL JENNER - Vanessa Hudgens & Kendall Jenner Are Rocking Front Bangs

Photo: jenatkinhair on Instagram 

Meanwhile, Jenner’s sleek hairstyle was crafted by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, who created thick front bangs with slight texture. The 21-year-old model is a beautiful sight, as her bangs are a winning fit for her heart-shaped face and edgy haircut.

As we step into the season ahead, we find ourselves wondering if front bangs are a must have trend for Fall 2017. If these Tinseltown bombshells are any indication, then it may be time to head to your stylist’s chair and request an inspired look for yourself.

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