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1990s Butterfly Hair Clips Are Back With A Vengeance

1990s Butterfly Hair Clips Are Back With A Vengeance

Photo: chadwoodhair on Instagram 

For beauty lovers who want to take a trip back in time, the hot 1990s trend of butterfly clips has returned as a key look for the season ahead. Most recently spotted on the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, these once-youthful hair accessories are now en vogue again.

Photo: ladyluna on Instagram

Even if you’re not a celebrity stepping out on the red carpet, the butterfly clip can easily transform your everyday hairstyle into a feminine hairdo. Try drawing your cues from the world of Instagram, where ladies can be spotted accenting their scraped-back locks and half-updos with a scattering of these plastic clips. For those who prefer dark and classic accessories, black butterfly clips can easily revamp even the most basic hairstyle. Meanwhile, adventurous beauties can experiment with colourful clips, in every rainbow shade from blue to green.

Photo: meegzfox on Instagram 

However you decide to play, it’s clear that this ‘90s playground trend has now been elevated to red carpet levels. Try clipping a few butterflies to the side of your head or transforming your entire head with a number of the clips. From elaborate updos to long and loose locks, there’s no one way to experiment with this returning hair trend.