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Curtain Bangs Are The Hottest New Hairstyle

Curtain Bangs Are The Hottest New Hairstyle

Photo: sofiasmode on Instagram 

Although we are all familiar with the trend of smooth side bangs and bold front fringe, the latest hairstyle fad is decidedly more carefree. Affectionately titled curtain bangs, this hair trend mimics the look of a pair of drapes. Parted right down the centre with each section casually swept to either side, curtain bangs are a feminine new take on fringe. While the curtain bang was first popularized by celebrities such as British style icon Alexa Chung, it’s now becoming increasingly spotted on social media. On Instagram, the trend has been making a bold impression amongst hair lovers and hairstyling gurus alike.

For those with thick hair or long manes, a heavier curtain bang may be a style solution. Sometimes strategically paired with golden or platinum highlights, curtain fringe can bring femininity and youth to your visage. Even those with a sleek and short bob can embrace the look, with thinner, wispier sections of hair used to create a subtle bang.

If you’re wondering how to texturize the rest of your hair, try pairing a curtain bang with a head full of messy beach waves. Meanwhile, ombre highlights and some texture spray can keep your overall hairdo under control. Before you request a snip from your favourite hairstylist, we recommend taking a closer look at this girlish, curtain inspired hair look. Here are a few curated examples of the style:

Photo: alyssia_allurehairbar on Instagram 

Photo: rheadoeshair on Instagram