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Madonna Biopic On Its Way

Madonna Biopic On Its Way

2016’s top script that hasn’t yet been made has finally been optioned, and it’s all about the Material Girl. The Madonna biopic script Blonde Ambition has been picked up by Universal Pictures.

The script was written by Elyse Hollander, and landed on top of the annual Black List, a list that displays the top scripts that have yet been turned into a film. The film will be set in 1980s New York, and follow a young Madonna as she struggles to release her first album. The film will also take a look at how she handles her early fame and romance, while dealing with a music industry that does little to respect its female stars. The title of the film comes from her 1990 tour of the same name.

Madonna herself has not commented on the script, so it’s unclear if she approves of it or not. One of the producers will be Brett Ratner though, who directed her music video for Beautiful Stranger in 1999, so at the very least the film will have someone working on it who has worked with Madonna in the past. It’s also unclear whether Universal has acquired the rights to use Madonna’s early music, such as Holiday, Lucky Star and Borderline.

The role of the Material Girl herself will be a highly coveted one once production starts, and at this point no names have been put forward as to who the producers might have in mind.