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Pastelage Is The Colourful New Spin On Balayage

Pastelage Is The Colourful New Spin On Balayage

Photo: dandiggaz_hair on Instagram 

At this point, balayage has become a familiar term in the world of hair colour. The process of applying colour directly to the strands is now associated with natural-looking, dimensional highlights. As a colourful spin on the hair technique, balayage strays from the usual neutral colours of traditional balayage and favours rainbow hues instead. The finishing result is a series of softly blended pastel shades, which can range from light lavender to peachy pink.

Photo: alexlight_ldn on Instagram 

If you’ve wanted to experiment with pastel hues without taking the plunge into neon shades, pastelage just may be a winning look. Beauty lovers are gradually trading their more vibrant, solid tresses for various takes on the pastel balayage trend. From angled bobs accented with rainbow streaks to blond locks brightened with blush pink ombre highlights, pastelage plays with light watercolour shades.

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In fact, pastel balayage jobs can be spotted on every hair length, from chin-length cropped cuts to flowing mermaid waves. For a less deliberate and more wearable approach to Spring 2017’s funky pastel hues, look no further than pastelage. If you’re new to the world of unnaturally coloured locks, this may also be an easy way to ease into a pastel-toned mane.