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Scandal To End After The Seventh Season

Scandal To End After The Seventh Season

It’s hard to believe that next year will be the seventh season of Scandal, and it’s even harder to believe that it’s now being reporting that the hit ABC series will come to a conclusion at the end of it.

Multiple sources are reporting that Kerry Washington’s hit political drama will be drawing to a close next season. The official announcement is expected to be made next week during ABC’s Upfront presentations in New York City. Hit-maker Shonda Rhimes has apparently decided to end the story of political fixer Olivia Pope and her associates.

Rhimes has not yet commented on the report, and this isn’t the first time the series has been thought to coming to a conclusion. Last July Good Morning America claimed the sixth season would be the last, but with the series being renewed in February for another year that was proven to be false. 


Series star Kerry Washington has claimed that playing Pope was the highlight of her career so far, but that the decision on whether the series will continue or not wasn’t up to her. She has also stated that she has no idea how the show will end. 

Scandal premiered in 2012, and recently filmed their 100th episode. The two part finale for season six airs on May 18th.