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The Coolest New Ways To Update Your Eyeliner

The Coolest New Ways To Update Your Eyeliner

With funky eye makeup looks transforming eyelids everywhere into works of art, there’s no denying that a classic black line isn’t the only way to wear your eyeliner. Although we certainly have an appreciation for the timeless dark wing, the numerous updated takes on eye makeup have opened a new world of beauty possibilities. From graphic bursts of blue and violet to sparkle and shine, try bringing the focus to your lids with these colourful makeup artistry ideas.

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Highlight your eyes with sky blue graphic liner: To emphasize your brown eyes, turn to liquid liner or an eyeliner pencil in a rich sky blue colour. Create a graphic eye, with a line of floating eyeliner on the top eyelid and a sharp, defined cat eye. Meanwhile, completing your look with volumizing black mascara and shimmering lavender shadow can further enhance your beauty.

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Turn to contrasting shades of purple and orange: At first, the idea of bright purple and orange together in a combined makeup look seems garish and perhaps even clown-like! However, it’s all about gently applying a soft tangerine or coral eyeshadow, combined with floating stripes of lilac eyeliner.

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Paint your lids with aquatic blue and vibrant violet: If you’ve currently got mermaid beauty on the brain, this particular eyeliner look just may strike you as inspiring. Emphasize your lower lids with carefully smudged violet eyeshadow, and outline your upper eyelids with a jagged, graphic explosion of aquatic blue and matching violet liner. The neon eye makeup will instantly pop, and can easily flatter a glowing, au naturel complexion and nude lips for an unconventional evening look.