Home Lifestyle The Latest Spring Décor Trend Is The Metallic Bar Cart

The Latest Spring Décor Trend Is The Metallic Bar Cart

The Latest Spring Décor Trend Is The Metallic Bar Cart

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Although the bar cart was once reserved for after hours functions, it has officially been elevated from party essential to household staple this season. For Spring 2017, the gleaming metallic bar cart can be spotted in homes everywhere. Making a fierce appearance with its shimmering gold tone and slender design, the bar cart is not just for hosting epic house parties any longer. Now, it can be seen in all its glory as a decorative accent which can easily illuminate your space. If you’re wondering how to introduce a bar cart into your home sweet home, look no further than these tips.

Place a bar cart in a delicate pastel living room: Perhaps you want to have drinks already poured when your guests arrive, or perhaps you like the convenience of fixing yourself a cocktail from the comfort of the couch. Either way, the bar cart can look fabulous in a living room filled with pretty light blue and pink tones. From framed watercolour artwork to cotton candy-coloured accent cushions, a gold bar cart can flatter pastel tones.

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Bring your home library to life: If you have a home library or reading room, turn to a bar cart as a finishing touch to complement this space designated for literature. Plain ivory bookshelves receive a boost from a metallic bar cart, while pink tulips placed in white ceramic vases further enhance your décor.

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Transform a bar cart into a coffee station: For the neutral kitchen or living room, a bar cart can effortlessly suit those beige, brown and white tones which make up your colour palette. Turn to a silver bar cart, and adorn it with tiny green plants, mugs and a coffeemaker. This is an easy way to create a coffee serving station, whether you are entertaining company or relaxing in your natural environment with family.