Mama Tingo Municipality. February 12, 2022.

The group of empowered ladies from Yamasá received the international model Lili Kiraly, who is the bearer of the Miss Multiverse world crown, whose title represents the International Society of Empowered, Awakened and Entrepreneurial Sisters.

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The empowered ladies of this society come from different countries, and they are the ones who have imagined, inspired and promoted the Yamasa Educational center, which is a social center of the Gausachs Foundation, whose focus is to bring workshops for the development of creativity in children residing in rural areas.

The education center “Las Hortencias de Yamaza” will have a magical ecological forest near the river, a playground, and a large school where workshops focused on creativity, language, and tourism will be taught.

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The project within a 60 hectares property of the foundation has been funded with the sales of valuable fine arts of the Gausachs Art Foundation and donations of silent contributors whom support the empowered sisterhood in behalf of the children. The mission is to build an educational center on a 628-square-meter, a spacious site with the potential to impact the entire community.

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Location: Parcela No 40 Del D.C. No 6 Sección El Naranjo del Distrito municipal Mamá Tingó, Municipio Yamasa, Provincia Monte Plata. República Dominicana.

To solve the self-sustainability of the center’s operations. The foundation plans the construction of an organic biological health-oriented restaurant with the produce of the land.

and fifteen cabins for non-profit volunteer tourism, where the characters and teachers who will give workshops for children will stay. Each cabin or treehouse can be sponsored at a cost of 10,000 USD and will named with the title and logo of the donor.

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The education that the center will deliver will not only fuel economic growth, but will increase a person’s chances of living a healthy life, promote gender equality, reduce child marriage and promote peace.

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Mr. Joe Mota from Yamasa, whom is the engineer in charge of the construction, expressed that the spacious wooden structures and cabins will be integrated into the ecosystem, preserving the beautiful natural areas. But will have strong concrete foundation for safety.

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The meeting made up of five groups of empowered ladies from Yamasa, led by their leaders (Diana Lucas, María Mercedes Berroa, Francheska Busi Germán, wilsauris Lucas and Yesica Peñalo de la Cruz) exposed the complications that interrupt the development of the district.

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The young women received backpacks and school supplies and shared in the beautiful natural areas where two rivers converge in a field of 60 tasks destined for the magical forest.

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Each project that they lead will be hand in hand with the Gausachs Foundation and the group of international empowered women.

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The director of the foundation with offices in the Netherlands; Linda Grandia, said: “The talent, ability, professionalism and desire that we have witnessed in Yamasa’s group of empowered ladies is an inspiration to all the ladies and families in the region, and they will certainly be able to achieve anything they set their minds to. the good of their community.”

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The young women of Yamasa self-awarded a series of projects that are already being put into practice; two of them are:

Carry out a general survey of Internet consumption that will serve to attract telecommunications companies to communities that do not have access to the essential Internet signal.

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More than 160 thousand consumers lack this vital service.

This problem interrupts the studies of young people who want to study online.

Through the success of this survey, more employment and business opportunities will be opened for entrepreneurs with technical capacity in telecommunications residing in said district.

The other project is to structure and manage sponsorships for the women’s volleyball league of the Mama Tingo municipal district.

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The young athletes belonging to the team, who are also part of the group of empowered women, want to resume the tournaments that, due to COVID, and due to lack of resources, have not been held for two years.

The young women propose to use their own professional and academic skills to develop and present a viable plan to potential sponsors that reflects the importance of sport for women, the healthy example in athletics and the business potential in media return for the companies that are involved. engage with youth.

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The empowered ladies have proposed that workshops be held for the development of young professional women; such as learning English, etiquette and protocol, computers for distance learning, as well as a recreational park for children in the new Yamasa hortensias center.

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The representative and directors of the International Society of Empowered Sisters concluded the meeting by expressing that a coalition that began with a lady, multiplied to fifteen and has set the goal that by the end of March there will be more than one hundred young ladies with the desire to Self-improvement and concern for the collective good of their community is the dream of every pastor, politician, governor, businessman, military man, as well as all parents, and without a doubt the aspirations of these young people will materialize with the support of a society that values ​​a healthy adolescence prosperous and on good paths.

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Be part of creating long-lasting permanent change and being a part of something bigger than yourself!

The foundation is a, non-profit organization also registered and formed in accordance with with the Civil Code of the Nederlands with the number KvK358227, In 2007.

For more information, please visit:

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