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Wide Belts Are The Hottest New Accessory For Fall 2017

Wide Belts Are The Hottest New Accessory For Fall 2017

Although skinny, waist-cinching belts may have once been a wardrobe staple, these pencil-thin accessories are quickly being replaced by the new kid in town. For Fall 2017, the runways indicate that the wide, waist-cinching belt is here to stay. Whether you want to create the illusion of an hourglass figure or simply jump on the bandwagon of a new trend, a broad belt is the way to go. Look no further than the season’s runways, where the wide belt is quickly ruling and making a name for itself. Here are a few ways to embrace the trend right now.

Jonathan Simkhai

Gothic glamour made a bold first impression at Jonathan Simkhai, where a corset inspired black belt enhanced the waistline. Layered over a sheer black blouse and an embellished skirt, the belt offered a gorgeous finishing touch. Meanwhile, black lace-up ankle boots helped to pull the entire ensemble together.

Isabel Marant

At Isabel Marant, simplicity and sophistication was the rule of thumb. A silvery metallic shift dress was accented by a wide black leather belt, which instantly brought the focus to a nipped-in waistline. For an accessorizing touch, dangling crystal earrings and thigh-high black leather boots completed the ensemble.

Tanya Taylor

The Tanya Taylor aesthetic featured scalloped edge leather belts, accented with yellow and white embroidery. The belts were paired with flowery print frocks, in a combination of mustard and violet tones. Although these floral dresses may have been bohemian and free-spirited in nature, it was truly the wide woven belts that pulled the outfits together.

Photos: Vogue Runway