Maren Tschinkel Miss Multiverse Germany 2019 Says She ‘Picks Her Own Battle Grounds’ When It Comes to Staying Healthy and Preparing for the Competition and TV Reality Show.

The Miss Multiverse competition is just around the corner and Miss Germany, Maren Tschinkel is already feeling the pressure to bring her already perfect bikini body to the ultimate condition and her mind as sharp as steel for the competition. The clock is ticking and the countdown begins with just a couple of weeks before it all starts.

To be successful in the beauty industry, all models need to take care of their figure, and that’s why professional models create their own personalized diets and workout routines. The Victoria’s Secret Organization goes as far as providing personal trainers for their models before showcasing their Victoria’s secret sports collection. Angels Romee Strijd and Taylor Hill shared their workout routines on Youtube to show their fans, what they regularly do to stay in shape.

But Miss Multiverse Models are in a competition that seeks to find the Most Amazing Woman on Earth. Beauty, of course, plays a part in the competition, but winning will take Substance, Drive and Achievement Beyond Beauty. To prepare for this challenge, they create a different set of diet and workout routines to prepare before the reality TV show.

Their preparation is not just to look good for the program or finals on stage; besides having to look great under the spotlight, they actually have to perform under pressure, both physically and mentally in challenges that will push their capabilities to the very limit.

“First of all, the game is all about pure self-stress management and keeping your self balanced. This is why a good preparation strategy requires mental, emotional and physical balance elements within the training routine to be successful.

Following an article featured in we searched the Instagram of German TV Show Personality & Model Maren Tschinkel; and found pictures of her enjoying what seems to be a nice vacation in Bali. For us, this seemed to be an odd thing to do, for a professional model, just before such a serious competition. As far as we know, the Last Woman Standing and other challenges of Miss Multiverse are among the toughest in the beauty industry. So, we reached out and asked Maren to update us about her pre-competition training routine.

Maren Tschinkel Miss Multiverse Germany 2019
Maren Tschinkel Miss Multiverse Germany 2019

Maren told us that she took a trip to Bali precisely because of feeling some pressure due to the approaching date of the competition. “I pick my own battle grounds when it comes to staying healthy.” She said. Taking a step away from the normal daily routine and distractions, helps me see the big picture. This trip allows me to focus and find mental serenity. This is all part of my game plan. In addition to my fitness work-out routine I also stick to my special diet. By the time the competition begins, i will be fully ready in all areas, and it will be Game On. She said on Wednesday.

Picture was posted by her this morning from Bali

We can for sure see, that Maren is posting picture of her self, working-out at the gym while in Bali. And we found the article featured in where she is featured as a licensed fitness trainer providing high intensity full-body workouts in Germany. Meaning, that as an expert trainer, she surely must have the physical training routine well under control. So, we asked Maren what is she eating? what does her diet looks like? The model said: Well, for starters i try to stay away saturated and trans fatty acids. I usually start my day with a good breakfast which contains lots of fruits, oatmeal, Granola and Cereals. She continued. I love fruits a lot! My very favorite fruit is pineapple.

In the afternoon I like to have a light lunch, and for dinner I love to go out, but still stick with eating healthy food. I am very much in to Sushi and any Seafood like Shrimps, lobster, octopus. “It’s delicious trust me. — I’m very much a foodie so you can trust me.”

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