Home Beauty Pageants We all know Beauty Queens are GORGEOUS… Is there however more behind their stunning beauty?

We all know Beauty Queens are GORGEOUS… Is there however more behind their stunning beauty?

We all know Beauty Queens are GORGEOUS… Is there however more behind their stunning beauty?
Business Woman Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy - 2019

Are beauty queens all about appearance? Or, is there more substance behind their beauty?

Hundreds of thousands of competitions around the world are concerned with selecting and rewarding the ultimate beauties on the planet. Are beauty titles only a representation of beauty or do they actually embody a symbol of achievement that goes beyond physical appearance?

There are numerous examples of women capable of giving an answer to this question from Cheryl Cole to Katy Perry to Sharon Stone: all examples of beauty queens capable of showing that behind a beautiful face there can be a full mind and a deep soul.

Think of Wonder Woman. Who can be more inspiring for women than Lynda Carter? Actress, singer, songwriter, model, and beauty pageant titleholder. That is by all means a true wonder woman. But that is not the case with all title holders. Why are some successful and others not?

Today more than ever, modern women are empowered, they are leading industries and playing important roles in politics and even undertaking missions in outer space.

So that prompts the question. Is it the title? How does a title make a difference? Let’s take for instance. Kayla Itsines and Alice Veglio, two women entrepreneurs in the same field of business.

Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur Kayla Itsines is today one of the most famous personal trainers in the world: she has over 9 million followers on Instagram and over 19 million fans on Facebook; Besides her striking beauty, Kayla is not a beauty queen nor has a pageant title. Kayla Itsines is known for revolutionizing the online fitness industry. Her program has become famous throughout the world and has helped thousands of women achieve health and fitness.

Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019
Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

Alice Veglio, on the other hand has several beauty titles, a successful modeling career, and currently holds the title of Miss Multiverse Italy 2019. Alice has also created one of the largest online fitness platforms for women in Italy. More than 30,000 women registered to her program within the first 6 months of her website’s inauguration. Registered users are able to take advantage of Alice’s nutrition coaching and fitness trainings that helps them achieve an ideal physical form.

Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019
Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

We can attribute that entrepreneurship is a quality that both of these women have in common. Both turned their passion in to business by combining their multiple talents and leveraging opportunities with social media. While Kayla Itsines capitalized on the opportunity of the emerging technologies of that time such as APPS and ebooks. Alice is capitalizing on the exposures of her titles combined with social media and venturing in to the current emerging OTT streaming opportunities, and by participating in reality TV show to reach large audiences.

Alice Veglio has combined her work as a model and beauty pageant titles with her double degree in the field of fitness to expand her reach and become a reputable point of reference for hundreds of Italian women that are looking for healthier and happier lifestyle.

Not all beauty titles are at the same level, and not all title holders take advantage of the titles in the same way. Similar to any university degree, if you hang your diploma on a wall after graduation and don’t put your skills in to practice; the title becomes a wall decoration. Beauty titles are the same, they should be used in combination with your abilities as a platform. It all comes down to drive, perseverance and focus on achieving your goals.

The slogan of Miss Multiverse (Achievement beyond beauty) describes my capabilities in multiple ways, this is why I have embraced the title as symbol of my own brand of beauty. Said Alice Veglio

Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019
Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

Everyone wants to do something big and important. says Alice Veglio, but to get there you have to prove yourself, become the first example by practicing what you preach. In my personal vision, doing big things involves helping others. And the best way is leading by example. I learned to take care of my body like a temple, I trained in the field by attending the best colleges and academies including the American College of Sport Medicine and I decided to turn all this into an online program dedicated to women that want to look after their well-being.

Both Kayla Itsines and Alice Veglio are great example of a woman able to transform their passion into a mission and business able to help others.

My mission is to help and convince that fitness goes beyond getting a beautiful body … Fitness is learning to love and take care of the soul and body every day. Said Alice Veglio.

Can a beauty queens posess artistic abilities beyond beauty?

To answer, just think of Katy Perry or the famous TV presenter Michelle Hunziker. Both have been successful beauty queens with an incredible success: the first in music and the second in television. Both represent an important source of inspiration for Alice Veglio who, like them, likes to dedicate herself to art as a form of expression.

Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

Alice has always considered art as an incredible form of expression. Since the age of 3 she has practiced at an academic level classical dance, hip hop, Argentine tango, jazz and acting. For her, dancing and acting are a form to realize herself as a human and to have a higher control of her body. As a lover of communication, she also had the opportunity to work as a TV presenter for important Italian music festivals “Note d’incanto festival” alongside the most known Italian TV presenters.”

Can a beauty queen be a good housewife?

Gloria Maria Diaz, the first Filipino to win a world title at a beauty contest, is an emblematic example. She is a beautiful beauty queen, actress, business woman, symbol of her country, mother and housewife. In the same way the very famous TV presenter Giada de Laurentis shows how behind a beautiful face of an actress you can hide a woman strongly tied to the values ​​of tradition and good food.

Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

Giada has indeed successfully pursued a career as a chef. Alice Veglio is inspired daily by them. As a matter of fact she takes intercontinental flights even just to give a hug to her loved ones. Similarly, the culture and the passion for good food are not lacking in Alice who, besides having already written her own nutrition ebook with healthy recipes, is ready to publish a new book soon available on Amazon in collaboration with one of the most renowned chefs in the world: Giacomo de Gaspari.

Is there a clever mind under the crown?

Katie Farr has made the myth on her head and has been crowned the world’s smartest beauty queen.

Also for Alice culture and education play a fundamental role. At the age of 18 she received 2 undergraduate degrees (Italian and French) and at the age of 24 she holds 2 university degrees and various certifications. In addition to the numerous certifications, Alice loves to challenge her mind with IQ tests. In 2016 Alice was also selected among the 100 best students in the world to compete for the victory in one of the most famous contests of intelligence and knowledge of the global socio-economic dynamics organized by the United Nations: Zero Hackathon.

Let’s move to another important field: courage. Can beauty queens be brave and ready for every kind of challenge?

Giulia Calcaterra, a famous television valley, is the living proof of courage and the desire to try extreme physical tests. Alice Veglio has always seen herself in these characteristics. In fact Alice is not lacking in adventures in which she has ventured into extreme experiences: Scuba diving, half marathons, Jump from 170 m with X line, World’s faster roller coaster, Tep factor challenge winner….

Last but not least, sensitivity …

Beauty queens usually state “peace in the world” … But they stand for that statement with concrete actions?

Gabrielle Walcott (born 26 June 1984) is a Trinidadian artist, model, charity worker and beauty queen who won Miss Trinidad & Tobago World 2008.

Gabrielle made her life a mission to help others by showing that beauty queens are not only good in words but also with facts.  Alice is one of her biggest fans as they both share the passion and dedication to socio-environmental dynamics.

Alice from the age of only 14 years old is an active member of the youth section of “Lions Club International” volunteers, of which in 2014 she was also elected President. In 2014, she completed a mission to Zanzibar where she brought to the poorest villages clothes and food obtained from a collection she organized.

Alice has also collaborated with important international government agencies dedicated to the care and protection of the environment: Dubai Carbon (Sustainability journalist) and World Green Economy Organization (UN) (Junior Project manager)

We can therefore conclude that a crown or a beauty title can be a representation of deeper values and abilities.

Business Woman Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy - 2019
Business Woman Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy – 2019

“The word ” Beauty queen” for Alice Veglio hides a deep meaning that has its roots in the immense potential of every woman. For her to be a beauty queen is first of all being an example, a role model of a woman who never stops in front of the obstacles and is successful in different fields. From her career as a business woman to her work in the entertainment world, to her environmental activism, to her passion for study and communication, to her courage for not stopping even in front of the most extreme sports …

For Alice being beauty queen is being “Multiverse”: being a successful and achieved woman in a thousand and more shades. It is for that reason that for her being part of the Miss Multiverse 2019 personality contest has an infinite value: she shares the same values ​​and stands for the same mission.